The school year may be winding down, but students can always use new tips for storage and organization. Cleaning up a dorm room is a great distraction from studying for finals. Or you can just pick up some ideas to use next year. Proper makeup storage just might make a big difference in your morning routine.

Check out the video below for some cool tips for storing makeup & other cosmetic items

There are lots of great tips included like the recommendation to NOT bring everything with you. It may seem like you should just grab it all and deal with it when you get there, but that might not actually be the best method.

You’ll also see some great equipment you might want to buy which could be super helpful in a small space. Your dorm room might be smaller than the bedroom you grew up in, and the bathroom might even be down the hall. Saving space where you can is extremely important.

Don’t forget about organizing your nail polishes too. These tiny bottles can take up more space than you realize. This video will show you an excellent method for storing your nail polish. Make sure to check out the secret compartment she shows you too. Hidden storage is always the way to go when you can.

Utensil organizers can have other purposes. Yes, we’re still talking about your makeup. Obviously. Check out how the organizer she used saved her drawer from a spill!

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