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Here are some good tips for cleaning up after the holidays and storing all of your Christmas decorations.

1.) Hot glue some plastic cups on to a sheet of cardboard. Arrange the cups in rows and store your Christmas ornaments in it. Stack them into your storage box.

2.) Use a clothes hanger and fasten it to the back of your wreath using a ziptie. Use a plastic bag and cut a hole out of the top of your bag. Slip the hanger right through the hole of the plastic bag, to protect the wreath.

3.) Use a hanger to store your Christmas lights. Wrap the string of lights around the hanger. Use a hanger for shorter strings of lights and a piece of cardboard for longer strings of lights.

4.) Store your leftover wrapping paper by cutting a line in a cardboard tube. Use the tube as a wrapping paper holder.

5.) Use paper clips to store strands of ribbon. Fold the ribbon onto itself into an accordion-style fashion. Once you have folded up the entire ribbon, go ahead and secure it with a paperclip in the middle.

6.) Store similar, oddly-shaped items into an empty shoebox.

7.) Put glittery items into a ziploc bag to keep them from making a mess.

We understand that seasonal decorations can unnecessarily take up loads of room in your house. Consider investing in a storage unit for a place put your holiday decorations in year-round!

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