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Reducing in 2020: How to Downsize in the New Year

January 4, 2020
No matter how frugal you are, the chances are good that belongings have piled up in your home over time. A lot of us find it difficult to let go… Read More

Holiday Checklists

November 25, 2019
For most people the next few weeks will be a swirl of activity: shopping, baking, wrapping gifts, attending parties, decorating, entertaining. It all leads up to the big day —… Read More

How to Safely Store Belongings When Renovating

July 24, 2019
They say home is where the heart is. It is often our sanctuary after long, stressful days. That is why your living space should be your personal idea of heaven.… Read More

You Can Do Home Organization with Marie Kondo

July 10, 2019
Marie Kondo has recently built quite a name for herself in the home organization and cleaning sphere. Since starting her tidying up business at the tender age of 19, she… Read More

Why it’s Time to Declutter Your Home (and Mind)

July 8, 2019
Everybody is familiar with the proverbial war between clean and messy roommates. One mindlessly drops their trash and belongings throughout the home, creating a cluttered environment, while the organized one… Read More

5 Makeup Storage Ideas to Try

March 28, 2018
If you wear makeup, you know what a challenge it can be to keep your products organized. Even if you have a large bathroom with plenty of storage space, you… Read More
Storing Books

How to Properly Store Books

March 22, 2018
If you’re a book lover, you know that books are treasured possessions. They need to be handled and stored properly to prevent the pages from fading, the bindings from cracking,… Read More

Video: Top 50 Apartment Organizing Hacks

March 1, 2018
This lengthy video shows you 50 of the best apartment organizing and decorating hacks! Watch this video for plenty of inspiration and ideas. If you absolutely cannot find storage for… Read More

Video: How to Clean and Organize Your Garage

February 1, 2018
Garages are often filled to the brim with junk which has accumulated throughout the years. Cleaning and organizing your garage can be a huge challenge. The first thing you should… Read More

How to Get Organized When Your Child Leaves for College

January 16, 2018
When a child leaves for college for the first time, it’s a big deal for kids and parents. There are new things to buy, and for most people, it’s a… Read More
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