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things to do in Santa Ana

The Top Things to Do in Santa Ana

April 13, 2021
Santa Ana is a city with a lot to offer. If you live there, you might lose sight of its attractions and high points because you see them all the… Read More

Mesa, AZ – Best City for High End Manufacturing Jobs

February 15, 2020
Manufacturing jobs in the United States aren’t what they used to be. Not that long ago, it was common for companies to manufacture their products domestically. Now, many big companies… Read More

Glendale AZ – Best City for Community College Jobs

February 11, 2020
Community colleges are a necessary part of the United States’ system of higher education. They provide an affordable alternative to expensive four-year schools. And while there are many community colleges… Read More

Phoenix: The Best City for Winter Visitors

February 6, 2020
For many of us, taking a vacation during the winter months is all about finding someplace warm where we can forget the cold weather and bask in the sun. And… Read More

Oregano’s to Open 3rd location in Scottsdale

September 30, 2019
Oregano’s, one of Scottsdale’s and Arizona’s most popular Italian restaurants, will be opening a new location in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are reading this and you live in the area,… Read More

Why San Marcos Was Named as One of the Best Suburbs in America

September 20, 2019
Between the world-famous San Diego Zoo, fresh sea air, and a thriving economy, it’s understandable why millions of people from around the globe have flocked to San Diego. Currently, over… Read More

New Data Center Opens in Rancho Cucamonga

September 17, 2019
It’s common for municipalities to be slow to adopt new technology. After all, they’re using taxpayer money – and must justify spending it on anything new. However, the future of… Read More

Monsoon Season Has Hit the Valley of the Sun After a Late Start

August 17, 2019
All of those who have grown up in the Phoenix Metro Area can recall memories of fierce monsoons. One moment, the sun is sweltering and the air is dry, and… Read More

Houston to Play Key Role in Return to the Moon

August 15, 2019
It was 50 years ago that astronaut Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon and said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The last… Read More

Summergrass – Live Bluegrass Festival Coming to San Diego Area on August 16

August 13, 2019
Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and listen to live music. Even in a place that has a mild climate, there is still something special about music, warm… Read More
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