Arizona and Las Vegas Business Conference 2007

Our Arizona and Las Vegas Business Conference 2007 was a tremendous success!

As many of the Storage West Team Members from Las Vegas and Arizona as we could gather posed for a picture at our Business Conference this year. We held three separate events to accommodate everybody. The other events included our San Diego and Orange County teams. We think it is really important to show how much we appreciate longevity and loyalty here at Storage West. That’s why we hold events such as these every year. Our group continues to grow, but there are still familiar faces through the years.


Taking a group photo is a tradition at Storage West. We recreate this every year even if we have to break into smaller groups. This year we split into three groups, two for California, and one for those that operate outside of California. Our team has gotten pretty big!

This wonderful traditions allow us to create an environment that promotes community. We strongly believe that having a cohesive community is very important. To be clear, when we talk about community we don’t just mean our community of renters, although of course they are important as well. We also mean our community of employees. Having camaraderie and trust between members of our team makes for a much better workplace. We think that really matters, so we take the time to nourish those relationships when we can. Meeting together like this to celebrate our milestones and successes from the year prior helps to allow us to do that.

Arizona and Las Vegas

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