Ideally, every home or apartment would come with ample storage for the residents’ needs. Sadly, that’s not the case – and that’s where our 5 X 10 storage unit can come to the rescue.

This unit is five feet wide by 10 feet deep. It’s large enough to hold small items of furniture, such as chairs, end tables, or even a twin-size mattress. It’s also a good size for storing foldable lawn furniture and decorations.

If you’re someone who loves to decorate for every holiday, this unit can be used to store your Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Fourth of July decorations. It’s also ideal for storing seasonal clothing or sporting equipment, especially ski equipment that you’ll only be using for part of the year.

Many of our clients use 5 X 10 units to store filing cabinets or to archive their business records. Our units are all air conditioned, which means you won’t have to worry about the intense desert heat damaging your documents while they’re stored here.

What should you do if you’re not sure what size unit you need? We’ve got you covered. You can call to talk to one of our storage experts, or you can simply use our free online sizing guide to figure it out. All you need to do is give us an estimation of the size of your home and what you need to store, and we’ll tell you what size unit is perfect for your storage needs.

If you plan to store items that require packing first, such as decorations, breakable items, or documents, we’ve got a large supply of packing materials to ensure that your valued belongings are properly stored and remain in good condition as long as you’re renting with us.

We have more than 50 years of experience in the storage business, and we think our long history gives us a unique perspective. Each one of our storage facilities is a unique community of employees and clients. We’re here to answer questions and ensure that the facility you choose is clean and secure.
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