Many people use storage units to stow their overflow possessions including things they cannot fit in their home, prized possessions such as trophies and photographs, or even larger items such as furniture or appliances. Storage units can really come in handy when you do not have a lot of room around your home to store extra things.

Storage units are a great convenience but they can get cluttered and fill up awfully fast. In order to get the most for your money, it is important that you organize your storage unit to maximize your space efficiency. Read on for a look at five ways that you can organize your storage unit.

1. Shelving

Utilizing free standing shelving in your storage unit is a great way to get the most of a small space. Shelves can hold large boxes, trinkets, trophies or even paperwork if you so choose. Using shelves is a cheap and easy way to expand your storage unit’s capacity to contain your prized possessions.

2. Rubber Totes

Another way to get the most out of your storage unit is by using rubber totes of varying sizes. This keeps your belongings organized and labeled. By putting everything in rubber totes, you are not only helping to keep your storage unit neat and organized, but you are also protecting your valuables even further in a durable container that guards against sunlight, water, and other types of damage.

3. Consider Getting a Second Unit

If your storage unit is overflowing with stuff, you may want to consider getting a second unit. The purpose is not just to store your items, but to store them safely. Putting too many items in one storage unit can be damaging to your items and could be dangerous when you go to move items out. Rather than putting yourself or your belongings at risk, spread your belongings out evenly between two storage units.

4. Closet organization

Do you have a neat organization system for your closet? Use the same for your storage unit. You can get a lot more out of your unit if you add free standing shelves. Unless you’re planning on stacking boxes from floor to ceiling, a closet organization system would make your life a lot easier.

5. Stacking

Stacking is a viable option. This option works well if you get a lot of plastic or rubber totes of the same or near sizes to stack on top of one another. Boxes and totes can be easily labeled and make looking for a particular item or items much simpler.

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