Sometimes, you may have a large number of belongings to store. When that happens, you might wonder how big a storage unit you need. The solution may be our 10 X 25 unit, which offers ample storage space for most personal items. This drive-up unit is good for a four or five-bedroom household. There’s plenty of lighting throughout the day for this.

The 10 X 25 unit has enough space to accommodate a four or five-bedroom household. It can hold furniture, boxes, and an assortment of other belongings including file cabinets and plastic bins.

The 10 X 25 unit is a drive-up unit, which makes it a good choice if you have heavy items to store. You won’t need to worry about carrying them up stairs or wrestling them into an elevator. Instead, you can back your truck up to the unit and move your items right in with no fuss.

This unit has ample lighting throughout – something that’s important when working in a space that’s 25 feet deep. You will be able to see what you’re doing as you bring in your items, and you’ll easily be able to read labels if you need to come back and fetch something from your storage space.

When renting a unit this large, it is very important to have a strategy in terms of how you load items into the unit. Our recommendation is that you place the heaviest, bulkiest items toward the back of the storage space. These items are likely to be accessed infrequently and that means it won’t be troublesome to have them stored out of the way.

The lighter items, as well as anything you believe you will need to access regularly, should be stored toward the front of the unit. That way, you’ll be able to get to them when you need them without having to shift your belongings around.

It’s a good idea to stack items with the heaviest boxes or bins on the bottom and lighter items at the top. We have all the packing materials you need to ensure that your belongings are protected while you store them in our facility.

If you’re not sure that you need a 10 X 25 unit, you can use our free online sizing guide to choose the space that’s right for you. All of our units are air conditioned, clean, and secure.

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