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In the Sunshine of Neglect: Redlands and the Inland Empire in Photographs

January 31, 2019
Residents of Redlands know how beautiful their city is. Its historic buildings and sweeping landscapes offer the kind of views that people pay to see. Yet, for many people who… Read More

Women, Infants, and Children Program Opens New Location in San Marcos

January 31, 2019
For years, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC for short) has been serving the women and children of the San Marcos area. On January 28,… Read More

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

January 31, 2019
Disneyland is shining a spotlight on its most famous couple in 2019, and that makes Mickey and Minnie Mouse the focus of the park’s upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations as well.… Read More

Oceanside Boys and Girls Club Receives Education Grant

December 28, 2018
Every summer, when kids are out of school, they can lose as much as two months’ worth of math learning. The resulting learning delay may discourage them from pursuing degrees… Read More

Anthony Bourdain Honored in Mural at Burns BBQ

December 27, 2018
Anthony Bourdain was a legend in the restaurant world. His bestselling book, Kitchen Confidential, pulled back the veil that shrouded the reality of the food business and established him as… Read More

Buying Next Year’s Christmas Decorations on Clearance

December 26, 2018
It can be fun to add new Christmas decorations to your collection every year, or even to change up your décor completely for each holiday season. However, it can also… Read More

New Klatch Drive-Thru Now Open in Fontana

December 22, 2018
Are you yearning for a high-quality cup of coffee in Fontana? If so, you’re in luck. On December 15th, Klatch Coffee opened its first drive-thru on the outskirts of the… Read More

10th Anniversary of Las Vegas Strip Snowstorm

December 21, 2018
When you think of the Las Vegas Strip, you probably think of neon lights, waves of people, and sweltering desert heat. But what if, instead, you were looking at the… Read More

Christmas Clean-Up Hacks

December 18, 2018
Here are some good tips for cleaning up after the holidays and storing all of your Christmas decorations. 1.) Hot glue some plastic cups on to a sheet of cardboard.… Read More

More Job Opportunities in Escondido

December 12, 2018
You might think that the month of December isn’t the best time to be hunting for a job. Some companies put hiring freezes in place at this time of year.… Read More
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