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Houston, Texas: The Best City for Oil Jobs

April 22, 2017
Searching for a new job can be a stressful experience, particularly if you work in an industry that operates only in select locations. The oil industry is a good example. People who want to work in that industry have to follow the oil. Our pick for the best city for oil jobs is Houston, Texas. Not only is Texas the… Read More
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home staging

Organizing for Staging Your House for Sale

April 11, 2017
Selling a house is a major endeavor no matter where you live. Not only must you find a real estate agent to list your home and pack your belongings, you also have to stage your home so that it looks as beautiful as possible when prospective buyers come to see it. Organization is the key to a successful home staging.… Read More
Long Term Vehicle Storage

Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Term Storage – Video

April 7, 2017
MotorWeek presents a video with master technician Pat Goss who shares advice on how to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage.  There are many great tips in this informational video.
Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Best City for Entertainment

March 27, 2017
There are many things to take into consideration when we travel. Tourist attractions, dining, climate, transportation, and cost may all play a role in our decision-making process. One aspect of… Read More
Clean Dorm Room

Tips for Cleaning Your Dorm Room

March 20, 2017
For college students, keeping their dorm rooms clean can be a real challenge. Balancing classes, labs, and socialization with the demands of roommates makes for a very full schedule, and… Read More
Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix: The Best City for Winter Visitors

March 14, 2017
For many of us, taking a vacation during the winter months is all about finding someplace warm where we can forget the cold weather and bask in the sun. And… Read More

Dorm Cleaning Tips – Video

March 7, 2017
Learn from the best in this cleaning and organizing video: airmen at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base demonstrate dorm cleaning tips and show how to prepare your room up to Air… Read More

How to Prepare Your ATV for Storage

February 28, 2017
If you own an ATV, you know that it’s essential to take care of your vehicle if you want it to be ready for your next ride. Proper care is… Read More

Selling Your Home? Use These House Staging and Self-Storage Tips to Get Ready

February 26, 2017
Are you getting ready to sell your home? Whether you’re selling it on your own or working with a real estate broker, you need to think about how you will… Read More

Tips for Wine Storage

February 23, 2017
Are you a wine connoisseur? Have you just started to collect wine? Either way, you might be wondering if you are taking the proper precautions when you store wine to… Read More
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