Craft Brewery Theater Now Open in Chandler

April 20, 2019
Craft breweries have sprung up all over the United States. Sometimes, they even come with a dose of entertainment. That’s the case with Flix Brewery, which opened in Chandler in December of 2018 and offers a unique combination of craft beers, education, food, and entertainment. What is Flix Brewery? Flix Brewery is a company with 10 locations from Iowa to… Read More
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Mesa Technology Company Plans to Triple Its Workforce in 2019

April 19, 2019
On days when bad news seems to dominate the headlines, it’s refreshing to focus on something positive. That’s easy to do when looking ahead to the job market in Mesa. Tech company Myndshft has recently announced that business is booming, and as a result, they’re planning to triple their workforce in 2019. The Myndshft Evolution Myndshft was founded just four… Read More

How to Prepare to Buy Your First Home

April 19, 2019
Buying your first home is a big step. For most people, it’s by far the largest purchase they’ve ever made.  If you’re preparing to buy your first home, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to get ready. Even if you’re already saving money, there are things you can do to save more and get the best deal possible… Read More

6 Online Resources to Help with Your Move

April 19, 2019
Moving from one city to another takes time and effort. You’ve got to pack your belongings, hire movers, stop and start utilities – it seems like the list never ends. … Read More
woman putting money in piggy bank next to a model of a home

How to Save Money While Moving

March 30, 2019
Moving is expensive. In addition to the cost of buying a new home or renting a new apartment, you must also pay movers or rent a truck and spend hours… Read More

5 Ways to Cope When You Move in with Family

March 29, 2019
In today’s economy, it has become common for adults to move in with family members as a way of saving money and getting back on their feet. Financially it makes… Read More

Mesa Has Huge Expansion Project, to be Finished by Mid-2024

February 27, 2019
In October of 2018, Mesa residents were faced with a ballot question that would provide bonds to fund $196 million in renovations and new construction on the city’s parks, public… Read More

Tiger Found in Houston Home to be Sent to Texas Wildlife Refuge

February 27, 2019
Nobody expects to find an apex predator in a suburban home. But that’s exactly what happened when an anonymous woman showed up at a house in the Manchester neighborhood of… Read More

Nestle Water Bottling Plant to close in West Phoenix

February 24, 2019
When Nestle opened its water bottling plant in West Phoenix less than three years ago, their announcement was greeted with disbelief and even anger from environmental activists. Recently, they announced… Read More

Lime is Pulling Their Electric Scooters out of Tempe

February 22, 2019
Traveling by electric scooter is something that makes a lot of sense for people who live in warm climates. It cuts down on traffic and carbon emissions. It’s both convenient… Read More
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