How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in California?

August 20, 2018
The issue of how to pay for care for aging parents (or for ourselves as we get older) looms large for many Americans. What happens if you or a loved one can no longer live at home? One of the most popular options is assisted living, which can offer personalized care at the appropriate level, ranging from providing companionship and… Read More
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How to Stay Safe During an Arizona Dust Storm

August 17, 2018
If you live in Arizona, you know that dust storms are no laughing matter. They can strike suddenly and if you’re caught out in one, you’ll need to take precautions to ensure your safety. What is an Arizona Dust Storm? An Arizona dust storm is a weather phenomenon caused when cold air from a collapsing thunderstorm rushes toward the ground.… Read More

Storage West First-Time Renter’s Guide

July 28, 2018
Are you in the market for a storage space? You’ve come to the right place! At Storage West, we take customer service seriously. That’s why we’ve created this guide for first-time renters to help you have a smooth rental and move-in experience. Step #1: Find a Facility Near You The first step is to choose one of our convenient Storage… Read More

Our Call Center Embodies Our “Here for You” Philosophy

July 27, 2018
At Storage West, we work hard to create a friendly, helpful environment for our clients, whether they’re visiting us in person or contacting our call center with a question. That’s… Read More

3 Things That Might Surprise You About the Storage West Call Center

July 26, 2018
When people talk about customer service, it seems like their focus is on negative interactions they’ve had. That’s understandable, especially when you consider that many American companies have outsourced their… Read More

What to Do With Your Business Assets After the Business Closes

July 24, 2018
Closing a business can be a difficult and emotional thing to do. Even if you know it’s the right choice for you, you put a great deal of time and… Read More

Storage West Opens New Self-Storage Facility in Surprise, AZ

July 23, 2018
We consider our Storage West facilities to be communities. Each one has a dedicated team of employees who are there to ensure that you feel safe and confident leaving your… Read More

10 x 20 Storage Unit: Perfect for 3 or 4 bedroom home

July 1, 2018
Whether you’re preparing for a military deployment or taking an extended trip, you might need to store some or all of your belongings in a safe and secure location while… Read More
Storage West Rental Office interior

10 x 15 Storage Unit: Perfect for one to two bedroom storage

June 27, 2018
What should you do if you need a place to store your motorcycle or ATV – or if you have a two-bedroom home or apartment full of belongings you need… Read More
self storage units in a bright hallway

10 x 30 Storage Unit: Perfect for a 5 bedroom home

June 22, 2018
At Storage West, we offer storage units of all shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most impressive is our largest unit, the 10 X 30 drive-up unit. It offers a huge… Read More
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