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6 Ways to know if it’s Time to Declutter Your Home

September 25, 2016
It is fairly common for people to have a junk drawer in their home – a place where the miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam of life can accumulate just in case it’s needed, or until they have time to deal with it. Some people even dedicate an entire room to junk. Neither approach is wrong, but how can you tell when… Read More
declutter home
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How to Develop a Moving Checklist

September 20, 2016
The process of moving can be a very stressful one, even when you know the move is a positive thing and you’re excited about it. One big reason that moving is such a headache is because there are so many things to coordinate. You have to deal with the physical process of packing up everything you own and transporting it… Read More
moving to new home

Tips for Picking a New Home

September 18, 2016
You know you want to move, but have you thought about what to look for in a new home? Moving is inherently stressful, but you have to be practical and consider what you need and want in a home before making a commitment. After all, buying a new place is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly.… Read More
Cleaning of interior of the car with vacuum cleaner

Cleaning Out Your Car Tips

September 17, 2016
Here is a video with tips for cleaning out your car:
Flying for move

Flying to Your New Home? Here’s What You Need to Bring

September 14, 2016
When you’re driving to a new home, you don’t have to decide what to bring with you. You’ll be getting there at the same time as your belongings, so the… Read More
Household documents

Household Documents: What to Store and What to Discard

September 12, 2016
When it comes to maintaining essential documents, it can be difficult to know what you need to keep and what should go into the shredder or the recycling bin. If… Read More
toy storage

Toy Storage Ideas

September 8, 2016
Here is a nice video showing 34 interesting toy storage ideas: You can also find out additional tips on how to store childrens artwork.

10 Tips for Moving to Texas

August 30, 2016
Everything is larger than life in Texas. Moving to a new state is always challenging because it requires you to adjust to new laws and conditions that might not have… Read More
Move to Texas

Moving to Texas

August 25, 2016
Informational video related to moving to Texas:
truck 1

Tips for Driving a Moving Van or Truck

August 18, 2016
Moving is stressful no matter how you slice it. Even when you’ve prepared and have plenty of lead time, it always seems to be more work than you think it… Read More
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