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Car Collection Storage Options

October 22, 2016
Collecting cars is a passion for some people. They might only be able to drive one at a time, but their love for automobiles means that they want to own several of their favorites. However, storing them can be a real problem. Few of us have a multi-car garage that we can give over to storing extra cars. Even if… Read More
Vintage car storage
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student storage

Tips for Student Storage

October 19, 2016
The average dorm room has only 228 square feet of living space. That’s not much, and incoming students have to fit everything they need into it – and often while sharing with at least one other person. That means that storage space is at a premium. Storage is no less of a problem between school years. Students who are attending… Read More
College dorm

From Dorm to Apartment on a Budget

October 15, 2016
Going from a dorm room to your first apartment is a milestone. For many people, it represents their first real independence. It’s an opportunity to show that you can stand on your own and support yourself. However, a big move like that also represents a challenge. Most dorm rooms are very small and require little in the way of furnishings.… Read More
Minimalist living room

5 Tips for Minimal Living: How to Declutter Your Home

October 12, 2016
The movement toward minimalistic living is gaining momentum. Even those of us who have tended toward materialism may find that the sheer volume of things we own gets to be… Read More

Living With An Elderly Relative – Video

October 9, 2016
Here is a video with some tips to help you when an elderly relative comes to live with you in your home:

Minimal Possessions, Maximum Happiness

October 6, 2016
Japan is experiencing a new trend relating to minimal possessions as an alternative to a consumer lifestyle.  Find out more in this video:
Going paperless

Tips on Going Paperless

September 29, 2016
Is your home or office overflowing with paper? It used to be the norm for everybody to conduct important business on paper, but that is no longer the case. Even… Read More
declutter home

6 Ways to know if it’s Time to Declutter Your Home

September 25, 2016
It is fairly common for people to have a junk drawer in their home – a place where the miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam of life can accumulate just in case… Read More

How to Develop a Moving Checklist

September 20, 2016
The process of moving can be a very stressful one, even when you know the move is a positive thing and you’re excited about it. One big reason that moving… Read More
moving to new home

Tips for Picking a New Home

September 18, 2016
You know you want to move, but have you thought about what to look for in a new home? Moving is inherently stressful, but you have to be practical and… Read More
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