Welcoming an In-Law into Your Home

April 19, 2018
What happens when an aging parent can no longer live alone? Some families can afford assisted living or a nursing home, but others can’t. For many people, the solution is to have that person come live with them. According to the AARP, there’s been a sharp rise in the number of multi-generational households. The problem, of course, is that bringing… Read More
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Video – Customer Testimonial: Storage West-A Safe Place to Store Your Motorhome

April 17, 2018
Well I had some problems at the storage facility that I was using previously, had some robberies and some vandalism on my motorhome. So I was looking a place to store a motor home and I drove by the lot and came in and see if they had anything. I was impressed with how new it was and how it… Read More

Video – Scottsdale Airpark Virtual Tour

April 16, 2018
Here is a tour of our Scottsdale Airpark storage facilities. Scottsdale Airpark Storage West is here for you, with: Outdoor Drive up and All Access Units Indoor Units Security cameras, lights and carts throughout the facility Coded gate access Free Move-in Trucks Packing and boxing supplies

Video – Mesquite Grove Virtual Tour

April 14, 2018
Check out this virtual tour of our Mesquite Grove state of the art storage facilities! We provide packing and boxing supplies to help you out and security surveillance to keep… Read More

Video- Creating a Mother-In-Law Suite

April 4, 2018
When you have a family member or someone in need who is moving into your home, setting their suite up can be overwhelming. The person in this video attached an… Read More

Video: How to Organize Your Home Using Easter Baskets

March 29, 2018
Easter is coming up and with Easter comes a plethora of Easter baskets! You may not know what to do with them. Don’t waste them! This woman’s husband came up… Read More

5 Makeup Storage Ideas to Try

March 28, 2018
If you wear makeup, you know what a challenge it can be to keep your products organized. Even if you have a large bathroom with plenty of storage space, you… Read More

Video: Storage Wars, Watch Darrell & Brandon crack open a safe

March 24, 2018
 In season 9, episode 2 of Storage Wars, Darrell and Brandon got a safe which was in a storage unit! They cracked open this safe, hoping to find a… Read More

How to Properly Store Books

March 22, 2018
If you’re a book lover, you know that books are treasured possessions. They need to be handled and stored properly to prevent the pages from fading, the bindings from cracking,… Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Spring Cleaning

March 18, 2018
Spring is almost here – and for many people, that means it’s time to think about spring cleaning. The arrival of warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to store seasonal… Read More
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