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What Type Of Storage Unit Is Right For You?

There are many different options when it comes to self storage. The following information is provided to give you an idea of the different unit sizes and what they can hold. Its a good idea to make a list of the items that you want to store in advance of renting storage.

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Small Storage Units

The 5′ x 5′ storage unit is ideal for small items such as tools, Christmas decorations or small boxes. Typical items stored in these units include small chest of drawers, end tables, filing cabinets etc. Total size is 25 square feet.

The 5′ x 10′ storage unit can be used to store the equivalent of a bedroom including a queen bed, chest of drawers, end tables, mirrors, TV, paintings, etc or the contents of a small office. Total size is 50 square feet.

Equal to:Dimensions:Space Size:
Trailer Storage Guide5′ x 5′Storage Space Guide 05 x 05
Pickup Truck Storage Guide5′ x 10′Storage Space Guide 05 x 10

Medium Storage Units

The 10′ x 10′ storage unit can hold the equivalent of two bedrooms, the contents of a living room or the content of an office. The size of this unit is 100 square feet. Examples of items stored in this unit can include two beds, dressers, end tables, mirrors or sofas, chairs, coffee table and TV.

The 10′ x 15′ storage unit gives you 150 square feet of storage space. This is enough for three bedrooms, including beds, dressers, end tables, vanities or larger household furnishings such as couches, TVs, dining tables etc. There is also enough space for the equivalent of three offices including desks, computers and filing cabinets.

Equal to:Dimensions:Space Size:
15 Foot Rental Truck Storage Guide10′ x 10′Storage Space Guide 10 x 10
20 Foot Rental Truck Storage Guide10′ x 15′Storage Space Guide 10 x 15

Large Storage Units

The 10′ x 20′ size storage unit can hold the equivalent of a medium sized house including three bedrooms, lounge and kitchen. This unit gives you 200 square feet of storage space enough for three beds, couch, dining room set, refrigerator, TV, washer dryers and boxed items. This unit can also hold the content of five offices.

The 10′ x 25′ storage unit gives you many storage options with 250 square feet of space. This is enough to handle the contents of a larger home including bedroom furniture, couches, TVs, dining room furniture, washer dryer, refrigerators and moving boxes. This unit can also hold office furniture and equipment equal to five large offices.

Equal to:Dimensions:Space Size:
24 Foot Rental Truck Storage Guide10′ x 20′Storage Space Guide 10 x 20
26 Foot Rental Truck Storage Guide10′ x 25′Storage Space Guide 10 x 25

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