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Declutter And Downsize Your Wardrobe – Video

July 20, 2016
Here is a video on downsizing and decluttering your wardrobe:
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contractor storage

Organization and Storage Tips for Contractors

July 18, 2016
Working as a contractor is challenging. You need to be able to keep track of everything, from the people on your crew to subcontractors, and from work schedules to equipment. It’s a bit like a juggling act, requiring you to pay attention at all times. You want to do a good job for your clients and get each project done… Read More
Tiny house

Storage Ideas for Your Tiny House

July 14, 2016
The tiny house movement has been gaining popularity in recent years. The average home in the United States has about 2,600 square feet of living space. We have limited land on which we can build, and people are making the conscious decision to downsize their living spaces. They may do it for environmental reasons or financial ones, but there’s no… Read More

Moving to California: Ten Tips for a Smooth Relocation

July 10, 2016
With its economy in better shape than most of the nation, California is a popular destination for people who want to leave cold weather behind, as well as for those… Read More

Make a Car First Aid Kit

July 9, 2016
Instructions on how to shop for and build a first aid kit for your vehicle: Find out more about how to stay safe during a move.
Garage Mess

Shelving Hacks for the Garage

June 30, 2016
The problem with using your garage as a storage space is that it’s very easy for things to get out of control. If all you do is pile things onto… Read More

How to Declutter Your Life

June 25, 2016
Are you overwhelmed by your possessions? A lot of people are. We go through life accumulating new things and rarely bother to take the time to cull old belongings. We… Read More
Interior of a beauty salon

Beauty Salon Storage Essentials

June 22, 2016
Running a successful beauty salon requires the ability to juggle inventory in response to customer demands. Stylists and aestheticians require equipment in order to do their jobs, and keeping everything… Read More

Dollar Store Storage Ideas – Video

June 19, 2016
A video showing ideas for organizing around your house using items from the dollar store:
view of sewing room

Tips for Organizing Your Sewing Room

June 15, 2016
For many people, sewing is a way of life. It is an art and a craft – a way of taking raw materials and turning them into something that is… Read More
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