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When a Home Business Outgrows the Home

Home Office Clutter

Entrepreneurship is alive and well, and more people than ever are starting home-based businesses. That’s a good thing for the economy, and the flexibility and freedom that come with going into business for yourself can be wonderful for the people who start these businesses, too. One question that a lot of home business owners ask is this: How can I know when my business has outgrown my house? Every business Read More

Get Your Financial Records in Order for Tax Season

calculating financial data

It’s a brand new year and you are probably thinking of all the exciting plans you have and how to stick to your resolutions to improve your health and well-being in 2016. In the spirit of committing to better habits, use the month of January to get your financial records from 2015 in order. This way you can quickly file your taxes and move on to more adventurous activities. There Read More

6 Moving Hacks

Moving Hacks

The simplest of ideas can make a big difference. Check out these cool tips in this animated video. Do you have any cool moving tips you can share? Having moved many times one of the things I always do is make a coffee box. I put the coffee machine, coffee, cups milk and sugar in a box and put it in the car away from the rest of the items Read More

Moving Questions: Who Needs to Know?

Couple unloading boxes from van

When most people think of moving they have an immediate checklist in their head of all the work they need to do. Find a place to live, order a moving truck, pack up the house. Moving is a major undertaking and involves many time-consuming and labor-intensive steps. One step that is easy to overlook is who needs to know about the move, and when do they need to know? You Read More

E-commerce Inventory Storage

shirts in bins

Inventory is a major concern of any e-commerce startup. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of units of a product or just a few dozen handmade objects that you’re looking to sell as a side business. Managing your inventory and having a secure place to store it is just as important as setting up a web portal for your sales and having a detailed marketing plan to get the Read More

Organizing Your Recipes

Recipe box

Whether you’re a special occasion cook or baker who whips up elaborate meals and desserts for holidays and anniversaries and relies on frozen meals and takeout the rest of the year or you’re someone who is constantly creating delectable meals for your family and friends you likely have amassed a lot of recipes. Maybe you even have lots of recipes that you have collected that you hope to try “someday” Read More

Holiday Projects for Kids

gingerbread house

Are you one of those parents who is excited that your kids will be home from school for two weeks — or more — over the holiday break? Are you looking forward to shared activities and quality time spent together? Or are you worried that there won’t be anything to keep your kids occupied and they will end up sitting in front of various screens and ignoring you? The internet Read More

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