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Storing Documents Properly

Documents come in many forms and all of them require special consideration when it comes to storage. If you are going to place important papers, certificates, photographs, etc., don’t just toss them into a box and put them in a corner.

old scrapbookThere are several factors to take into account when storing documents:

  1. Temperature
  2. Light
  3. Moisture
  4. Pollution
  5. Pests
  6. Security
  7. Organization

If you do not protect your documents against temperature, light, moisture, pollution, and pests, you may not have documents to retrieve.… Read the rest

Rancho Bernardo Historical Society Speaker Program

At Storage West we make it our mission to stay involved in the community. To do that we have to always be keeping an eye out for new and exciting things going on in our town. To be the best neighbor that we can be we always make sure to share what we learn about.

You can see this work in action on our Rancho Bernardo Facebook page.… Read the rest

Dorm Closet Organization

College dorms always seem cramped and new students find themselves wondering where they can put everything.  Closets can be a big problem, if you arrive at school with a large wardrobe, accessories, shoes, etc.

This video is a tour of one freshman’s closet, including some tips for organizing shoes, jewelry, coordinating clothes, and even simple ideas for improving lighting so you can see what’s in your closet.… Read the rest 

Backpacks & Lockers Need Organizing Too

Parents know that they have less and less influence over their child’s school habits every year. By the time most kids hit high school, listening to their parents is the last thing they want to do and many will do the opposite of anything you suggest just out of adolescent rebelliousness. Organizing for the school year is, therefore, something best instilled in young children so that they will carry those skills with them after they stop listening.… Read the rest

Chandler Art Walk

At Storage West we aren’t shy about our connection in the community. We make it a point to stay up to date on what’s going on in the areas around our stores. We think everyone should know what we know too, so we make sure to share what we find out on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You’ll see an example of this on our Chandler Faceboo… Read the restk page.

Make Room for Back-to-School

bus to schoolBack-to-School time may mean the kids are out of the house, but it also means that they are bringing more stuff into the home. Permissions slips, notebooks, gym uniforms, text books all need a place to live. So do those new fall wardrobes, stocks of school supplies bought to last the entire year, and odds and ends like sports equipment and school spirit paraphernalia.… Read the rest

Desk Organization for Teachers

It’s Back to School Time and everyone is focused on how parents and kids can get ready for the new school year, but teachers need to do a lot of preparation as well.  For many, setting up and decorating their classrooms and creating lessons plans takes up most if not all of their time.  They may leave organizing their own space for las… Read the restt.

Planning Storage in Your Home

A major part of organizing your home is storage. Whether you are moving into a new home, merging households, or attempting to declutter and make your home more efficient and aesthetically pleasing, you will need to find effective ways of storing the things you decide to keep. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Evaluate Your Stuff

stuff to organizeDoing a quick evaluation of your belongings can help you make decisions about what to keep and what to discard.… Read the rest

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Your kitchen can be the center of your home, not just the place where you eat — unless you live in a dwelling with a tiny kitchen. In either case, you probably share one thing in common with everyone else who has a kitchen: where/how to store all those small appliances and other cooking paraphernalia.

If you, like most people, weren’t able to design your kitchen to perfectly house all the items you need, you’ll want to take a look at these tips before you start unpacking all those kitchen boxes.… Read the rest

Dinner in the Sky, Las Vegas

At Storage West we tell our customers that being involved within our local communities is really important to us. This means that each of our managers make it part of their job to be in the know about their towns.  We try to stay informed about local events, fun activities going on in our cities, and just generally be in touch with what’s going on around us so that we can be a good neighbor and a good resource for our tenan… Read the restts.

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