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Vacuum Storage

vacuum bag

Space saving is one of the big selling points of using a vacuum storage bag. There are multiple brands available and you can get different sizes to suit your specific needs. They are mostly used for storing out-of season clothing and bedding. Think winter coats and blankets. They can also be used to maximize space…

How to Load a Moving Van

empty moving truck

Anyone who has ever loaded a moving van or helped friends load a truck knows that there are countless approaches to this necessary task — and everyone has their preferred method. If you are facing the unique challenges associated with this three dimensional game of Tetris for the first time, you may be confused about…

Get It Together: Organizing Back-to-School Shopping

school supply list

Before you can enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with sending the kids off to school for the day, you have to endure that dreaded annual season known as “back-to-school” shopping. Balancing school requirements and your kids’ obsessions with the latest fads against your household budget and available space can be a challenge worthy…

What to Pack for College

things brought to college

August is college season, as in “back to” for students all over the country. A majority of freshman will be leaving their homes for the first time in their life. This can be an exciting and anxiety-producing transition. Figuring out what they will need at school and what they can leave behind can be problematic…

Moving Questions: Should You Pack It?

question box

Facing a major move in the coming months or weeks? Whether you are hiring movers or packing and loading the truck yourself, you can reduce your stress considerably by asking yourself one simple question: should you pack it? Things that you should NOT pack fall into several categories, such as perishables, illegal to move, and…

Creative Toy Storage

kids room with creative storage

When it comes to organizational challenges, most parents will agree that toys are probably the most difficult. Toys are oddly-shaped, come in a huge variety of sizes, and spend most of their time “out” in the house rather than safely stored away. Figuring out where and how to store everything can be just as hard…

Packing a Diaper Bag

diaper bag packing

An essential skill new moms need to master is how to pack the diaper bag. Knowing what to put where — and what to leave at home — can be the difference between an efficiently packed bag and a black hole of baby stuff that can literally break your back. Let’s start with the actual…

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