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Remodeling to Maximize Storage

April 29, 2016
Very few of us have the good fortune to buy a house or condominium and find that it comes equipped with all the storage we need. In fact, remodeling to add storage is very common. When you remodel, you have the opportunity to rethink things – seek out odd-shaped nooks and maximize the space you have to get the storage… Read More
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Man in dressing room

Need More Storage? Here Are Some Inexpensive Ways to Create Space

April 23, 2016
One of the top complaints of homeowners and renters alike is that they don’t have enough storage space where they live. When you live in a small space, it is especially important to make the most of what you have. Here are some suggestions to help you do that. If your closet space is lacking, try using the walls in… Read More
Many different clothes in the closet

Tips for Packing Items into a Tight Space

April 20, 2016
People tend to have very strong opinions about packing. Many of us hate to do it. We dread the process of sorting through our possessions and trying to consolidate them. The problem can be compounded when we have to attempt to pack our items into a small space. For example, if you have overflow items from your moving truck that… Read More
Modern bedroom

Want to Get Better Sleep? Reorganize Your Bedroom

April 18, 2016
Sleep deprivation is an epidemic these days. It seems that very few of us get enough sleep. We say that we’re too busy to sleep, or that we don’t need… Read More

Storage West Updates Its Identity

April 15, 2016
Find out all about the new Storage West brand in this article written by Todd Peterson for Exhibit City. The article is called Storage West Updates Its Identity With New… Read More

2016 Employee Recognition Dinner and Business Conference

April 6, 2016
For many years at Storage West we have been getting the entire organization together annually to celebrate our achievements during the previous year – and to take part in a… Read More
Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning on a Schedule

March 29, 2016
There’s something about spring that inspires the need to put things in order. The growth of new plants, the appearance of baby animals, the warmth in the air – they… Read More
clothes folding tips

Clothes Folding Tips

March 23, 2016
Here is a video outlining some cool clothes folding tips:
Moving Insurance

Moving Soon? Get Your Insurance in Order

March 20, 2016
Are you getting ready to move? Whether you are moving from one house to another or upgrading from an apartment to a house, you need to make sure that you… Read More
Moving day

Tips for Downsizing Your Office Space

March 15, 2016
In the modern economy, where knowledge-based jobs can be done from anywhere in the world, having a big office is no longer a necessity. Computers can fit in our laps,… Read More
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